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Mike and Guide Runners crossing the finish line of the New York City Marathon

The Blind Sport Podcast is an audio podcast hosted by Mike Lloyd published approximately twice per month.

Subscribe via iTunes or your favorite podcasting facility or play it directly from this website to listen to a wide selection of sports and physical recreational activity related topics.

This podcast is for:
1.    The totally blind through to people with limited vision – Blinkies and Blindies.
2.    Beginners through to experienced.
3.    Active participants or armchair spectators.
4.    All ages – Fetus to fossil.
5.    Men and women, boys and girls, those who have swapped sides and the undecided.
6.    An International audience – Even my off the planet mates.
7.    The “Supportive sighty” (that may include)
        •    friends and family
        •    sports club members
        •    disability agencies
        •    health professionals
        •    guides and Volunteers

The goals and objectives of The Blind Sport Podcast are to:
       •    Assist others to start or enhance their sport.
       •    Build a community where we can share experiences, hints and tips and express a          variety of different views.
       •    Support each other.
       •    Support the supporters.
       •    Learn about new sports.
       •    Promote blind specific events or classifications.
       •    Celebrate blind sport.

Each episode will include recorded Interviews, news, hints and tips, personal opinions and of course your messages on a wide range of topics related to blind sport.

Who is Mike Lloyd?

I am a blind guy from Auckland New Zealand who enjoys running, cycling and generally keeping fit and active. I have done seven New York City Marathons with the last one being in 2015. I am currently training for the 2016 New York City Marathon which is being held in November.  I have also participated in a variety of local running and cycling events. Since 2006 I have managed the website www.blindrunner.com as a resource for blind runners and their guides.

I work as an Adaptive Technology Consultant for the Blind Foundation in New Zealand.

I also am currently on the board of Achilles International New Zealand as well as Blind Sport New Zealand.

Disclaimer: Any comments, views or opinions made by myself during any of these recorded podcasts are not necessarily those of any of the organisations that I am associated with. I am doing this podcast as an independent personal project and it is not funded or endorsed by any organization.

So what makes me so special? Well that’s just it… Nothing at all. I am just a guy who is into his sport and fitness, is living an independent life who one day decided to merge his passion for sport, technology and sarcastic wit/political incorrectness to hopefully create a podcast that will promote blind sport and be of interest to others.

I will not claim to be the all-knowing sports oracle or fitness guru, but I am happy to share what I know and learn as I go with the rest of you via the content that I discover as these recordings are created and as I meet new people who are doing new things. So when I say that this is our podcast, it really is.

This also goes for the recording, production and style of this podcast. Stick with me as I learn as I go and get my rhythm and swing developed. I really want to publish a podcast that I can be proud of and would want to subscribe to myself. Hopefully with your support and feedback, this can become a great resource for all.

It is my aim to create a global community of blind and partially sighted people (and let’s not forget the “Supportive Sighties”) who all share a common passion for sport or physical activity. Whether you are a Paralympic champion or an Armchair Athlete, you are welcome to be a part of TheBlindSportPodcast community.

So subscribe, download, put on your sports gear, fill that water bottle, then prepare to break out in a sweat and a smile as you listen, share and learn about what is happening in our world of blind sport.

Please share this website with your friends, family and social networks to help spread the word and grow the TBSP community.

Thanks guys. Give it heaps!

Mike Lloyd
Host of TheBlindSportPodcast

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