60 Minute Audio Timer

Have you been wanting an easy to use, 60 minute audio timer, to assist you with your workouts or training sessions? Well here it is. Listen to, or download this 60 minute audio timer.

This recording will play a bell sound every minute, and speak the time every 5 minutes. After 30 minutes, both the elapsed, and remaining time will be announced.

You can play this audio timer on any audio device that supports MP3 files.

Whether you are walking, running, or interval training on the treadmill or outdoors, this can be a handy tool. When you are on the rower, exercycle or cross-trainer at the gym Or for any other type of workout, the 60 minute audio timer will allow you to keep track of the time elapsed and the time remaining.

This recording has no included music or additional sound apart from the one minute interval bells and the five minute time notifications. This means that it will not conflict with any other music source in your workout environment. This is also good for outdoor situations where you need to hear your surroundings unimpeded.

If you are playing this audio timer on a device that allows you to start playback at a specified time, and you want to use a countdown timer of a specified length, then you can begin the audio timer to suit your training session needs. For example if you start the audio timer at 40 minutes, you will hear the bell followed by 40 minutes completed and 20 minutes remaining. In this way it can be a very flexible timing tool.

This timer is proudly brought to you by the blind sport podcast, and is a free mp3 download from http://theblindsportpodcast.com

Please email me with any comments about how you have made use of this recording. All feedback welcome.

Enjoy your 60 minute workout.

Cheers, Mike

Mike Lloyd
Host of “The Blind Sport Podcast”