Blind Endeavors with Steve Baskis – Episode 41 of The Blind Sport Podcast

Steve Baskis is an American Army Veteran that was blinded in 2008 while on patrol in Iraq. Since then he has been active in a variety of sports including running, triathlon, skiing, kayaking, biathlon, climbing mountains and much more.

In episode 41 I chat with Steve and discuss his accomplishments, his attitude to living an active life and his work helping others.

The Blind Endeavors Foundation was founded by Steve Baskis in 2014 with a mission to raise awareness through adventure and exploration. To not only share great stories of human resilience, but to increase general awareness about the accessible technology, medical advancements and adaptive recreation that exist in our world today for people with physical and mental disabilities.

By raising awareness through media and educational presentations, they aim to get more people outside to enjoy what life has to offer and to inspire others to develop new technology and techniques that will benefit all those with disabilities.

For more information about Steve and the Blind Endeavors Foundation, visit

This is an inspirational conversation and you are invited to join us and hear Steve’s triumphant stories.

I also include some motivational quotations.

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Mike Lloyd
Host of “The Blind Sport Podcast”