Episode 14 of The Blind Sport Podcast – Treadmills

In episode 14 I answer many popular questions that come up about buying, setting up and using a treadmill as a blind person. Questions answered include:
1. What should I look for when getting a treadmill?
2. How should I set up my treadmill?
3. How do I know what buttons to press?
4. How do I keep myself in the centre of the belt?
5. How should I start the treadmill and get on?
6. How do I time my sessions?
7. What Maintenance does a treadmill need?

I also demonstrate the IOS app Get Running – Couch to 5K which is an app that can assist you to train to run five kilometres after nine weeks of structured sessions.

I also include some motivational quotations.

The information covered in this episode can also be read at http://blindsportpodcast.com/treadmills.

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Cheers, Mike.