Episode 33 of The Blind Sport Podcast – Living the dream with Hein Wagner

In episode 33 we talk with Hein Wagner from Capetown South Africa. Hein’s passion is to tackle extreme adventure sports in order to raise funds for the VisionTrust to provide adaptive technology options so blind people can achieve their vocational goals. From braking landspeed records to participating in the Antarctica Marathon or Absa Cape Epic, no challenge is to extreme for Hein when it comes to helping others.

Hein became the first blind person to run the Antarctica Marathon.
Hein became the first blind person to complete the Absa Cape Epic mountain bike race, commonly known as the Tour De France of mountain biking.
Hein broke the blind landspeed record when he drove a car at over 200 miles per hour (322.5 KPH).
On top of all that, he can add Ironman, international sailing, cricket, parachuting and much more to the vast list of sports that he has been involved with.

Hein Wagner is living proof that despite the challenges that come our way, anything is possible. He does not allow his blindness to stand in the way of his dreams and people often refer to him as a blind man with exceptional vision.

For more information or to support VisionTrust, visit http://www.heinwagner.co.za, or email Visiontrust@heinwagner.co.za

This is a great conversation and I hope that you get as much out of it as I did.

I also include some motivational quotations.

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