Mixed Martial Arts with David (AKA Blind Fury) – Episode 58 of The Blind Sport Podcast

Are you wanting to be more fit, more self-confident and more physically capable? Well, whether you become a multiple black belt lethal Ninja or just someone who can fall over without hurting yourself, then maybe Martial Arts is worth considering.

There are so many styles of Martial Arts to choose from that you can train in, and some, that are more suited to people with limited or no vision than others.

In episode 58 we chat with David Kuttnauer from San Diego, California, or as he is known as within certain circles “Blind Fury”, who in the last few years has got involved in mixed martial arts.

We discuss his experiences with Mixed Martial Arts and discuss how this sport  can be of benefit to blind and Vision Impaired people.

For more information or to contact David email contactdavidnow@gmail.com

This is a great conversation and I hope you find it both informative and entertaining.

I also include some motivational quotations.

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Cheers, Mike.

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