The Adventures of Blind Dave Heeley – Episode 39 of The Blind Sport Podcast

In episode 39 I chat with Dave Heeley from West Bromwich in the UK about his epic endurance experiences.

Dave, or “Blind Dave Heeley” (as he is known) shares with us his story of vision loss, his involvement in sport growing up and his amazing sporting accomplishments.

Some of Dave’s achievements include:
• Being the first blind person to complete 7 marathons in 7 days in 7 continents.
• Completing the Top2Toe, which is a 1,000 mile combination of running & cycling between John O’groats and Lands End (the top to the bottom of Great Britain), where each day consists of  Running a marathon followed by a 70+ mile cycle for ten days straight.
• 13 London Marathons.
• Cycling through 7 European countries.
• Completing the Marathon Des Sables which is a 156 mile (251km) run across the Sahara Desert.

For more information about Dave, visit his website

This is a great conversation and you are invited to join us for a bit of fun and hear Dave’s amazing story.

I also include some motivational quotations.

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Mike Lloyd
Host of “The Blind Sport Podcast”