The World’s Fastest Blind MotorCyclist with Stuart Gunn – Episode 53 of The Blind Sport Podcast

Can you imagine riding a motorbike without sight? What about attempting a world record speed challenge? In episode 53 we chat with Stuart Gunn from Edinburgh Scotland about breaking the world record as the fastest blind motorcyclist.

When we think about the sports typically pursued by people who are blind, Motorbike riding doesn’t usually feature very high in the list of options, but for Stuart Gunn it is his passion. Let’s find out how this man’s enthusiasm for a sport and the ability to adapt allowed him to fulfill a dream.

Stuart holds the motorcycling world speed record of 167.1 miles per hour as both a blind and disabled person.

This is a great conversation and I hope you find it both inspiring and entertaining.

I also include some motivational quotations.

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